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1514 E. Scotts Ave
Stockton, CA 95205
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[2001/Dec/04] I am in UK and I can only report that I had, what I consider, the best service from Wayne Bier at Triumphs Only. His email replies were prompt, in this particular instance, his price and product was right. The product was better than I had expected. What more could I ask for? -- "Dixie" <>

[2001/Oct/30] In Jan 2001, I ordered a part rebuilt ($169). Chrome plated ($135) and shipped my 'value added' part to them ($196 value). I was instructed to pay first. Received a bill and paid via Master Charge on 2001/Mar/8 - a total of $381.50. I was then notified that they could not chrome plate (plating cost not refunded), but they could rebuild and powder paint. Subsequently informed they could not paint correctly and would not charge for their attempt. Did not get any response to my email for two months, until I asked if I still owed them money for the rebuild. They said "Send the $169" and like a fool, I sent them an additional $169 (by check), thinking that I forgot to pay for the rebuild. When I reviewed my records and discovered the error, I confronted them: they said they would send back my already rebuilt part and the extra $169. I then prompted them that they also owe me the $135 for the plating that I did not and will not receive. I no longer get answers to my emails. I have reported this apparent mail fraud to the California attorney generl, master charge, Federal Trade Commission, NY state (my home) attorney general, BBB. This got some action - I finally got my rebuilt servo and refund. -- ROBERT SCHANTZ <>

[2000] I've been corresponding for a year now with a fellow who bought a "restored" TR4A from Triumphs Only, and has been trying to figure out and repair all the things that are wrong with it...

[1999/Sep/01] My 1977 TR7 was parked for 6 years becauseof a gas tank leak. This summer I decided it was time to get it back on the road. I took it to Triumphs Only who replaced the gas tank, did some other suspension work, and supposedly tuned it for smog. My first attempt at smogging was a disaster. A full half turn on the mixture adjustments later the car got much closer to passing (and also stopped dripping gas from the tailpipes). -

_[1996/Dec/1]_Triumphs Only nows sells complete Triumphs in good condition, too, and Wayne has bought up 7 different inventories of NOS parts- he's got an awesome collection. We shop there for our '64 Herald, and he always finds the part, usually in his warehouse. He's still the only person who can set prices, though. They do tend to drop as the discussion continues. - Laura Cohan <>

[1994] They've moved to new digs, with more space for parts and a bigger restoration operation. They seem to be trying to move upscale, and prices are following. Wayne, the owner, is the only person who can set prices on used stuff - if you get there, find your part, and he's not there, you won't be able to complete the transaction. This can be very annoying. - cak

[1993/Nov/1] Wayne said he'd give a 21% discount off MOSS' price on parts (beating MOSS's 20% offer given out at the Triumphest in Sacramento last month). He also said he'd offer it past the MOSS deadlne. Most significant of is "selling" was that they are starting a cusotmer data base and will track your life-to-date order total dollars. As you cross various levels, you are supposed to get a larger discount. -Jim Brannan

[1991] TR3-6, some Spit, etc. Mostly a wrecking yard. I spent more time than money here the summer I worked at IBM, since I had little money. Nice place. Also does repair and restorations as "Classics Too". They have lots of parts for early TRs but they can be the high or low priced source depending upon how you approach them. The correct way is to comparison shop somewhere else, get your best prices, THEN go to Triumph Only. Talk to the owner. Tell him what parts you are after, what price you have from where and then ask him if he could beat the price. He almost always comes in with a cheaper price. If you go to Triumphs Only & just ask how much, he will quote a high price. -mjb

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