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Brooklands Inc.
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August 1997: These folks seem to have gone out of business. See XKs Unlimited for new Smiths gauges and Holden for Lucas products. - cak Lots of photos and exploded views of Lucas lights and switches in their catalog but only the lights are accompanied by original Lucas numbers. Didn't see any bulb holders listed but can't hurt to ask. I understand they've greatly increased their inventory in the last few months. - Rolan Dudley, 11-16-93 British-made replacements for Smiths instruments are now available for classic English sports cars. Over the years, Smiths has been the choice of AC Cars, Aston Martin, Austin-Healey, Jaguar, MG, and Rolls-Royce. Although legal restrictions prevent using the name "Smiths" on the faces of these instruments, the manufacturer is working from original designs, specifications, and tooling. The U.S. distributor, Brooklands, Inc., offers 18 different instruments individually or in sets of five ($399) or six ($499) with chrome or black bezels. I know nothing about these people except they sell gauges which somebody might need. There's a picture of some gauges in the magazine, and they look just like the ones in my MG. - Tim Dziechowski 4/94

These folks sell new Minilite and Hallibrand wheels, at amazing (that is, high) prices. Apparently that's just what the market will bear now. They also have a large range of Cobra bits and pieces, and the manufacturer of the replica instruments has bought the rights to use "Smiths" on the faces.

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